I am a native of Austin, Texas. I am the fourth of five children born to Cicero and Jimmie Dukes. My church membership from birth was in the Church of God in Christ. I was reared in the admonition of holiness. The greatest examples of holiness in my youth were my grandmother, Mother Lucy Dukes and Mother Inez Patterson, (Big Sister Sunshine, Sunshine Band) at the No. 1 COGIC in Austin. Their examples of holiness were key to me giving myself to God for His use. There I developed my love for music, the Youth Department and Usher Board. God’s plan for my life included my union to one of the greatest men on earth, Anthony Monroe, Sr. My husband and pastor is my greatest supporter and help. To this union, Anthony II, Ashley, Aaron and Mary were born. It has been enhanced with our grandson, Calvin. God’s plan not only led to marriage to a Minister, Elder, Pastor and Superintendent, but to His work. I love the Lord and the people of the Lord. I continue to tell Him, “yes.” Where God leads, I will follow.