We endeavor to uplift people through gospel proclamation and demonstration for holistic and spiritual transformation.


To develop proclaimers of God’s redeeming power through discipleship, evangelism, fellowship, ministry, and worship.


To build a family of devoted believers to become disciples of  Christ, inspired to witness and share his love.


Practicing Love • Proclaiming Christ • Promoting Family Values

St. John 3:16-17


 The Founding

In 1950 Elder W. R. Dixon received a mandate from God to establish a ministry in the Blacklands Community of St. Johns in Austin, Texas. He purchased a small lot from Mr. Jack Alexander for $75.00. The contractual agreement was to pay $3.00 a month. So began the St. Johns Church of God in Christ with a handful of members courageous enough to take on the challenge of a new ministry. Undergirding Elder Dixon were Deacon Jim Fletcher (the first Deacon of the church), Mother Pearl Fletcher, Mother Corinne Dove, Deacon Moore and Mother Johns. A tent was erected and services began.  Later, Elder Dixon and Deacon Fletcher purchased lumber for a church building and a refreshment stand to be built adjacent to the church. Deacon Fletcher had the utility services turned on and money was generated for the bills and purchase of materials to further the construction of the church edifice. Elder Dixon gave money to the members to purchase food for refreshment stand dinner sales. The price was fifty cents a plate. Deacon and Mother Fletcher along with Mother Dove worked diligently in the stand generating finances. Elder Dixon and his family moved away in 1956. Many of the members gained under his leadership left St. Johns with only the founding members remaining. Deacon Fletcher, Mother Fletcher and Mother Dove carried on the work of the church. Deacon Fletcher was very faithful having a love for God and the church that was seen in his giving all he had to the labor of kingdom building. His favorite song was “I Believe I’ll Testify While I Have This Chance.” He would never miss a service. As his vision began to decrease due to a degenerative condition, he would have one of his grandsons to lead him through the trail of a grassy lot and across the road to get to the house of God. He would testify with unmatched joy and praise of how God saved him from dipping snuff and chewing tobacco. Many times he would remain at the church all night crying out to God. At these times, Mother Dove would stay with Mother Fletcher.

Transition of Leadership
Upon the departure of Elder Dixon, Elder O. F. Freeman became the Pastor in 1956 and remained until 1958. Supt. D. L. Burns pastored the church in 1958. He remained at St. Johns for one year and amassed a membership of thirty persons. In 1959 Supt. R. A. Grant who was pastoring McKinley Heights Church of God in Christ became the pastor of St. Johns. On October 22, 1962, he sent one of his young minsters from McKinley Heights, Elder D. C. Monroe to conduct a revival. The membership was so blessed they requested he remain as Pastor. On November 17, 1962 four active members received Elder Monroe; Deacon Fletcher, Mother Fletcher, Sister Helen Wright and Sister Ethyl White.

Leadership With Tenure
Arriving almost immediately after Elder Monroe’s appointment as Pastor, was Bro. Charles and Sis. Georgetta Patterson, Bro. James and Sis. Lois Wells, Brother Chester and Sis. Ruthie Stokes, Bro. George and Sis. Ida Bell Spruells and Sis. Beatrice McDonald. Combined with the Pastor’s four children the number of youth totaled thirty-three. Pastor Monroe supported by his wife, Sis. Mary Lois Monroe had the entire membership (including the children) fasting and praying. Numerous “shut-ins” resulted in great deliverance’s from sinful habits, illnesses and demoniac possession. Due to the evangelistic thrust of Pastor and Sis. Monroe, he was appointed as District Superintendent while his wife was licensed as an Evangelist Missionary. The prayer of faith was prayed by Supt. and Missionary Monroe for jobs to be found, raises and promotions to be received, marriages to be healed and closed doors to be opened. Prayers were made for “wayward children” and family members. God did not fail to answer their prayers. Holistic ministry and miracles abounded. A radio ministry was added along with auxiliaries to reach the youth and seniors. Missionary Monroe took prayer into the surrounding cities of Dale, Lockhart, Littig, Killeen, Bartlett, and Elgin and into the homes of those who desired prayer. That prayer service continues today. By 1969, there was a need for a new building. Supt. Monroe came to the membership with a building plan. Missionary Monroe with the approval and support of the Pastor began a Building Fund campaign. She sold dinners, the members gave sacrificial offerings and Supt. and Missionary Monroe gave their personal monies and returned to the church on many occasions, monies that were to be received by them. In 1975, the new building was completed and dedicated. The Lord blessed the work through the women of the church who were fruitful in child-bearing and labor in the vineyard. Most faithful in these areas were Sis. Georgetta Patterson and Sis. Lois Wells who were eventually licensed as Evangelist Missionaries. In 1999, the leadership of the church was transferred from Supt. D. C. Monroe to his son; Elder Anthony V. Monroe, Sr.; the next phase of Kingdom building by this church that began in 1950 continued. Seeking God for direction as a new Pastor, he was lead to rename the church Greater St. Johns Church of God in Christ. With the guidance of God and support of his wife, Sister Cheryl Ann (Dukes) Monroe he brought important improvements to the church that moved it into the 21st Century. The first order of business was replacing the propane tank with natural gas. Upgrades were made with office equipment and a new telephone system. Security was strengthened with new doors. Mother Monroe prayed the Lord would bless the church with dedicated musicians; coming to fruition through the sons of Pastor Anthony and First Lady Monroe. In 2013, the year of “Miracles and Blessings” Reaching Beyond the Limits encouraged the church to reach further, to do more, to have greater expectations. In 2014 planning began more earnestly and in 2016 the Johnny Evans Construction Company was hired. In 2017 faithfulness, perseverance, sacrifice, numerous obstacles a construction stoppage due to the City of Austin Code Compliance, court hearings, and inspection holdups, the City of Austin granted Greater St. Johns an Occupancy Permit in March 2019. The future of Greater St. Johns Church of God in Christ stands steadily on a foundation and legacy of holiness.

Grateful acknowledgement is given to Sister Helen Wright residing in Compton, California. She is an original member and daughter of founding members Deacon Jim and Mother Pearl Fletcher. God has remained faithful to strengthen the church spiritually as we continue to build upon the foundation of holiness that began in 1950.

In January 2008, Pastor Monroe was elevated to District Superintendent of the newly created Lone Star District. He hit the ground running with Missionary Mary A. Ates by his side as District Missionary. Again, God was at work in the life of his servant. Under his leadership, the district has won numerous awards and trophies: 1st and 2nd place TXSW Jurisdiction School Offering, Category II. The Women’s Department, locally and district has received 1st place in registration and participation in the TXSW Office Relations Workshop for 3 years consecutively.